Measuring The Unmeasurable

We measure your Google Plus events, posts and identify your audience quickly and easily.

Find Your Engagers

When you use any social media platform as a business you need to measure your effectiveness, how far your messaged reaches and discover who your audience is.

Grow Your Audience

Plus My Reach does just that. We measure your reach for your Gogole Plus Hangouts and posts, identify your engagers and even provide demographic and social data for your engagers so week on week you can see your audience grow.

Ronnie Bincer

The best way to measure your activity inside a hangout on air event is with the Plus My Reach website and toolset.

Ronnie Bincer (The Hangout Helper, Recognized Authority on Google+ Hangouts and Owner of The Hangout Mastery Community)

Chef Dennis Littley

I like to know how my shows are doing, not just for myself but for potential clients, and there is only one place I turn to that information. That’s Plus My Reach.

Chef Dennis Littley (Leading Food Blogger Community Manager with over 500,000 followers on G+)

Azlin Bloor

Plus My Reach takes care of all the nitty gritty. I don’t have to worry about statistics and engagement metrics…. that allows me to concentrate on my show.

Azlin Bloor (Top UK Food Blogger)

Plus My Reach

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For more detailed reporting over extended periods.

$20 /30 days
50 Reports Every 30 days
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  • Branded reporting
  • Social profiles for engagers
  • Live support